Creativity Cafe Google Prize Submission: Oct 20, 2008
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Submission Deadline: October 20th, 2008 Project 10^100

1. 1. Peter H. Rosen 
2. 2. V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
3. 3.
4. 4. English
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1. 5. Nickname: Peter H. Rosen
2. 6. City: Kihei
3. 7. Country: USA
8. Your idea's name (maximum 50 characters):
Creativity Cafe: A New School To Birth A New World 5. Please select a category that best describes your idea.
Education: How can we help more people get more access to better education? 10. What one sentence best describes your idea? (maximum 150 characters):

Creativity Cafe is a facilitated networking/edutainment venue designed to harness creativity for community problem solving and personal advancement.

7. 11. Describe your idea in more depth. (maximum 300 words)
Creativity Cafe's main purpose is to harness creative force for individual and community benefit. The venue is at least three things: a physical edutainment emporium, a community resource center and ubiquitous tool, and a group of branded edutainment technologies that connect people, venues and communities to resources, information and each other for mutual benefit. Ideally, Creativity Cafe will have highly re-configurable performance spaces, separate floors, rooms and/or areas to enable fun learning experiences, private meetings, training's and mingling etc. Production studios generate virtual experiences, support multi-node audio-video conferencing and personal broadcasting, etc. The domed EarthStation offers interactive Creativity Cafe Theater Of-The-Future edutainments involving similar clubs for immersive public learning experiences and hyper-networking. Digital storytelling and interactive cyberTheater provide an atmosphere where Strangers, are just friends who haven't yet met! and help forge collaboration in new business ventures and learning modalities. Creativity Cafe Creative Community Collaboration/Venue Operating Systems (C3vOS) orchestrate meaningful content and connection to resources to help people cope with personal/planetary transformation - while generating multiple profit streams. 3CvOS is part Internet, part mobile devices and venue infrastructure harnessing club patrons practicing PRONOIA and those who seek connection, resources and assistance with personal needs. Direct citizen participation in government is easily facilitated. The system helps equalize those who have resources (capitalization, food) with those who don't (homeless, hungry & mentally challenged) The venue becomes a partner supplying needed resources along the learning-funding curve while facilitating participation in innovative small businesses. Creativity Cafe branded edutainment is just one of 25+ profit streams sustaining creative people, the venue, general membership and the community. Creativity Cafe is a friendly hang-out. An alternative to alcohol based bars catering specifically to creative people and their audiences. People thinking outside the box will feel right at home. CC's bring people together who are best suited to help rectify issues and offer solutions, specific to any particular culture's challenges (depending on venue location).
8. 12. What problem or issue does your idea address? (maximum 150 words):
Exposed corruption and greed has eroded trust in our leaders. People can't cope with or comprehend our technologically speeded up, dynamically changing world. Poor education has dumbed down the masses unable to make informed choices about their future. Many are paralyzed in fear and economic challenge. Creative people are under utilized and nurtured in society; fearful of change and yet these creative people are the harbingers of new ways of being and seeing. Creative people are perhaps the best answers to our prayers, but often need support, nurturing, representation, marketing and other services designed to compensate them. Creativity Cafe is dedicated to their support and helping free their creative force to be used for the good of the whole community. People can not make wise choices nor effectively participate in government without knowledge to make informed choices. Children have warped values thanks to violent television, parental upbringing and poor education. They need reprogramming.
9. 13. If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how? (maximum 150 words)
The general populace and young people in particular, parents, teachers, community members will enjoy innovative learning and healing experiences. Multimedia storytelling will make personal, local and global challenges understandable so people can make more educated choices. Every country would benefit with places for citizens to gather; helping collaborate and better understand the changing world - thanks to educational entertainment, provided in ways that dissolve barriers and bring global community closer together. Community members develop new income streams and meet personal and community challenges by becoming mentors, teachers and edutainers. Creative people will be able to do what they love, giving their gifts to the world while mass marketers produce revenues to be shared by the creators and their support systems. Government will improve thanks to direct citizen participation via Creativity Cafe Operating Systems. Countries will enjoy melted borderlines and connection without prejudice. Conscious Creators will have a base for greater collaboration and mutual support systems at home or while traveling.
10. 14. What are the initial steps required to get this idea off the ground? (maximum 150 words)
Find a multiplex theater willing to give up a screen (or other suitable venue), make great graphics and Web site supporting a CALL TO CREATIVE ARMS announcing Creativity Cafe and its agenda during the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink interactive showcases and Networking Event for Creative People and their audiences. The event and many prototype Creativity Cafe's have successfully been proven since 1980, to attract those who will become the backbone of this community venue. I suggest starting in LA as once we are successful there (friends just reopened LASERIUM, in a new theater space at Hollywood and Vine). Word will spread and our successful prototpye will be perfected and replicated all over the world
11. 15. Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented. How would you measure it? (maximum 150 words):
Ideally, we will be in production exhibiting interactive experiences within the year in a venue in alignment with this proposal. A call for founders team members and those recommended will get together to go over a concise business plan; to share in birthing this baby - in progress since Jul 11 1980. The nonprofit it spawned has experienced great corporate support of our V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Creativity Cafe prototypes.

This new game in Wailuku Town will attract people also developing products and services to help transform lives, give hope to the hopeless, while offering governments a helping hand - providing food for thought and giving hope to those sick and tired of leaders, not truly supporting people with foresight and unbridled passion to cure disease, house the homelessness and hungry, etc.. Success is measured by participation, profits, corporate support and solved problems.
1. 17. You may also submit 1 YouTube video (max 30 seconds long) explaining your project:
2. 18. If you'd like to recommend a specific organization, or the ideal type of organization, to execute your plan, please do so here. (maximum 50 words)
Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media, 501c3)
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