Inspired Heart book jacket The INSPIRED HEART; An Artists Journey into Transformation is a book I just finishing by Jerry Wennstrom. It is a highly recommend soul filled work. His art, and book; THE INSPIRED HEART, beautifully tells simple stories that speak of the charity of the soul, painting pictures of the secret meanings found in everyday life, the simple and magical moments he describes paint vivid pictures of a caring soul. His bedside read report the interconnection of all life (and death). His alphabetic canvass speaks songs of a higher source and how we all can be; touched by simple acts of kindness. His easy reading book lights the way in a still sleeping world. Mr. Wennstrom takes you through intimate journeys recounting the miracle of a life lived from the heart. He provides a guiding beacon through the uncharted waters of our evolution by recounting his life and tellking his stories. For a wake up call to your own this book!