A N N I E   C O E T Z E E  In her most thought-provoking book yet, "I Think, I Feel, I Am," stretches beyond the accepted methods of self-help, to an inspiring and creative way of getting the reader involved with his mind, body and soul in exploring the meaning of personal transformation, personal fulfillment and a more meaningful life.

Annie invites the brave and open-minded to search for the truth, even if it happens to challenge conventional and academic wisdom. Her absorbing interest in matters of the brain, heart, insides, as well as the physical body has inspired a number of neuro scientists and heart surgeons to add some of their own experiences with patients and clients to her knowledge and research.

As a creativity consultant, inspirational trainer and popular conference speaker, she is both a reflective thinker and practical academic. She is the author of successful self-empowerment books. Annie is the director of Creative Brain Management and a founder member of The Creativity Foundation of South Africa. Her main messages in this practical self-empowerment book are:

· Get your brain, heart and body powerfully at work together, to attain your goals

· Find your purpose in life

· Live your dreams

· Discover your destiny

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