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CyberSWAT Team Proposal

Proposal for Trade Show and Special Event installation of
a Digital Storytelling Salon and Presentation Environment

Implementation of a high-touch interactive multimedia installation
to be produced by Peter H. Rosen and associates of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media

Submitted by
Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204
Kihei HI 96753
808 875-4747

Visualize Creativity Cafe® as an interactive environment for panels and presenters featuring big screen video image amplification and demo artist presentation support. A distance learning and edutainment environment to teach people about digital storytelling (hands-on) and the possibilities for creative expression, marketing and eCommerece in today's rapidly changing world. We can also tailor the presentations to your theme.

Participants are asked to bring autobiographical data consisting of family video and audio tapes, photographs and/or treasured momentos for creating an Electronic Family Album. With the assistance from those familiar with the digital tools, multimedia and computer resources, we will teach you how to digitize sound and video from your tapes, your photos and momentos to produce a digital movie of your life story, or something you make up on the spot you can share on videotape and/or the Internet.

While this experiential environment is directed to youths and young adults, all ages are welcome and encouraged to play and learn. We will work with you to develop a story from your experiences using a narration you write describing your peak experiences. We will then record your narration and digitize what you have brought in. We will teach you how to integrate the digitized material into a Quicktime movie (using Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Premiere) incorporating 2D and 3D/video effects to commemorate your storytelling experience during your experience at Hawaii Hightech's Creativity Cafe. Our Digital Storytelling "course" moves you from station to creation station and concludes with the transferring of your Quicktime movie to videotape or CD ROM, with possible presentation of your movie on the big screen in a gala event celebrating you as a certified "digital storyteller;" Prizes for best video(s) can be awarded if sponsors provide prizes?

I. Setting
Ideally in most trafficked area where dimmed lighting is available
  A.	On floor with trade show booths
  B.	Near food area
  C.	Visibility from entrance for Big Screen Impact
  D.	Neighboring largest sponsors
II. Set
  A.	Hands on training area
  B.	Presentation stage area
  C.	Relaxation & Eating Area
III. Set dressing
  A.	Lighting and light control
   1.	Two light trees with 4 instruments each
   2.	Dimmer pack for above
  B.	Blue screen wall for chroma key and 2D image special effects
  C.	Black Duvatine material for light control
IV. Pre Production ($500 minimum budget)
  A. Floor Plot Design
   1.	Stage/Presentation Area
   2.	12 8 foot tables w/skirts and 4 chairs each
      a)	Computer/Technology Layout
       (1)	Creation Stations
       (2)	Audio/video mastering stations
      b)	Information and Resource Table
      c)	Equipment Support Table (back stage)
       3.	Video Screen
       4.	Audio flow-Mixer and Video Camera Feed Plot
       5.	Lights, Camera and Action areas
  B. Schedules
   1.	Presentation Stage Schedule
   2.	Birds of a Feather Sessions
  C. Creation Station Training/Demo Schedule (note: Suggestion that at least
one machine represent each of 11 categories- shrinkage possible as needed and
discussed. We can do it all with 4 machines minimum: audience throughput, experience
and interaction will suffer with fewer machines)
1.	2D art and scanning - Mac
2.	2D art and scanning - PC
3.	3D art - Mac
4.	3D art - PC
5.	Videoconferencing
6.	Videoconferencing
7.	Videoconferencing
8.	Videoconferencing
9.	2D & 3D animation - Mac
10.	2D & 3D animation - Mac
11.	2D & 3D animation - PC
12.	2D & 3D animation - PC
13.	Video Production - Mac - Mastering Machine
14.	Video Production - PC - Mastering Machine
15.	Web Production
16.	Web Production
17.	Web Production/games
18.	Web Production/games
19.	Audio and Music Production - Mac
20.	Audio and Music Production - PC
21.	Web surfing/games
22.	Web surfing/games
23.	Web surfing/games
24.	Web surfing/games
25.	Video Digitizing/Mastering and CD burning - Mac Preferred
26.	Audio Mastering and CD burning
27.	Creativity Cafe Information Station
28.	YOUR SHOW Information Station
29.	Conference event locator and email Station
30.	Networking Station - a database of attendee visitors listing their
needs, wants and goals/resources for match making to connect those with
needs and resources
  D. Coordination of Interactivities according to Show Flow
  E. Signage 
   1.	Creativity Cafe Creation Stations
   2.	Creativity Cafe @ YOUR SHOW for STAGE AREA
   3.	Creativity Cafe Hands-on Area
   4.	Creativity Cafe Tour Guide Name Tags
   5.	Creativity Cafe Sponsor and Exhibit details
   6.	Optional: Creativity Cafe @ YOUR SHOW T-Shirts

V. Onsite Production
  A.	Rosen Arrives two days before the show for site inspection and first stage
                  of implementation with grips to place tables, chairs, and
  B.	DAY ONE:  wiring implementation, Software loading
  C.	DAY TWO morning: Set dressing, systems testing, signage printed and put
                  up, schedules posted, handouts if desired printed
  D.	DAY TWO evening:  Final check of video, projection, switching, Internet
                  Connectivity, Software, Signage, lighting, show flow
  E.	DAYS 3 & 4:  SHOW Time
  F.	DAY FIVE: Strike Set

VI. Technology Implementation - Numbers of computers depending upon your
sponsors. Scale back as needed for all items below this line:
  A.	Creation Stations
   1.	15 Mac Computers
   2.	15 DOS Machines 
  B.	FireWire or other HD storage solutions as available
  C.	CD- Burner (2)
  D.	Scanners (2) Epson preferred
  E.	Printers (2) Epson Preferred
  F.	Video
   1.	1 - Hands-on DV Cam
   2.	1- Stage Area DV Cam
   3.	4 computer cameras for video conferencing. Perhaps
to support a "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" with
video conferencing with Teachers and Kids in your area and elsewhere.
   4.	DV videocassette player for digitizing onsite produced video
   5.	Video Projector (I will supply at no charge with minimum $1000 per diem)
   6.	Projection screen (Mandatory) at least 10 by 10 foot (rear screen
projection preferred)
  G. Audio (minimum; PA with one mic and stand)
   1.	Stage microphones and stands
     a)	4 Sure or similar mic's  (SM57)
     b)	4 boom Mic Stands
     c)	2 radio Microphones
   2.	Mackie Mixer
   3.	PA system
   4.	Cassette Machine/ CD Player (ambiance and demos)
   5.	Audio systems for audio and video computers (4)
  H.	Telephone
  I.	Walkie Talkie
VII. Software
  A.	Macintosh:  Sponsors desired
  B.	PC:  Sponsors needed
VIII. Personal
  A.	Creativity Cafe On-site Coordinator/Manager/host - Peter Rosen
  B.	Assistant Coordinator from (you supply)
  C.	Volunteer Tour guides (can be demo artist/volunteers)
  D.	Set up Techs - (you supply)
  E.	Networking Techs - (you supply)
  F.	Trainers/Demo Artists - (you supply)
  G.	Presenters On Stage - (you supply)
  H.	Video Camera Person to follow Stage Action - (you supply)
  I.	Technology Coordinator: Audio Tech/Video Director (switches/mixes)
feed between live camera(s) and output of Creation Station Mastering
Computer into video projector and Stage sound - (you supply) or Rosen

IX. Compensation Plan for production of Creativity Cafe Interactive Edutainment Environment for a two day show:
Producer - Designer - Coordinator - Host, Tour Guide and Trainer: Peter H. Rosen: Minimum: $5000 negotiable

1. Travel RT from Maui with Lodgings in your city (4 nights for 2 day show) 2. Pre Production Design Budget: $1000 deposit payable ASAP 3. Pre-Production on site: $1000 payable upon arrival 4. Per Diem: $1,500/day for two days 5. The above per diem is negotiable

Mr. Rosen looks forward to working with you and your team in putting together the most innovative and friendly "introduction to technology and creativity" area at your upcoming show!

Please contact Peter at V.A.R.I.O.U.S.Media for cutting edge fun and educational installations.

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