Peter Rosen's Rivers Of Love Tour and July 11, 2002
    Twenty Two Year Anniversary of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Show

Other Performances: June 11 (Maui) and a New York City Presentation; August 25, 2002

This Multimedia Performance tour was prompted by a two month journey from Aug 2-Oct 7, 2001, last year
that changed my life (and the state of our world) forever! The following images are catylists to interact
with audiences and discuss the ramifications of our evolution. These are my stories. Enjoy!

These Images are copyright 2002 by Peter H. Rosen. Please contact me for use & permission requests.

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We are in a Pinch

Balanced on the Edge of Time

Overview of what Life really is!

Celebrate the Divinity of Neighbors

Each of us; Connecting Heaven and Earth

How connected all life is!

Our Energy exists beyond space and time

Stefani models, LA City College Photo Lab. 4x5 Kodalith, color added via gels on 35mm slide dupe of original.

Peter, shapeshifting as Photographer

Cultural Creatives Unite

Cultural Creatives at Harmonic Convergence, 1987

Cultural Creatives at Harmonic Convergence, 1987

"On the Threshold" 1987
Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA.

From Rocks To DNA

Birthing the Spirit Body Process in 1989

Spirit Body Process; applied in Maui: Nixy's Jungle Recording

The Garden Theatre Festival is where my LA adventure began; 1975

I was Festival Photographer. The tent was home on many levels. I met Mala there...

Love hits me Big Time! Instant Family. If I was ever married

Doug and Jeff. Heart
and Soul dear friends.

I've lived with a woman only once in my life as of 2002, here in LA, circa 1976.

Jahmino, Rene and Carol's kid. Rene has passed. This page is dedicated to his memory. He was my Mentor and role model for what a "family man" is all about. The Happiest of times.

David Lionel B-Day. Extended Family.

I negotiated with John Denver to license his Bucky song for my Buckminster Fuller; Grandfather of the Future TV Production.

Dr. John [Mac Rebennack] and friend at 54 East, a Pasadena recording studio I wired and was Maintainence and Second Engineer at; 1979.

She liked my style. I wonder who she is?

Thanks to Peter Yarrow of PPM, I spent 5 years backstage photographing the Survial Sunday Anti-Nuclear series of Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. A book of these photos is in the works.

Peter and Mary in 1979. Where's Paul?

My days as a Cab Driver. I gave up NY for LA this year; 1975.

I got my start in broadcasting at my college radio station; 1965. From there to ABC Network News Special Events Unit.

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