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Welcome to Madme Pele's
Spirit Body Process Performance Photography
Photo Booth    Only by Maui artist Peter H. Rosen

My art is performed live before a locked open shutter using a sauce lightwand. The clarity of the images depends on several things; primarily, the ability of the subject to be perfectly motionless during the course of my light painting. When I use a rear curtain flash, I can to some extent, make up for sloppy modeling. Since most of these folks didn't know what they were getting into, the images are less than wonderful in most cases. That said, a certain serendipity of timing has contributed to some amazing shots as I had fun documenting my friends and perfect strangers. These Images are all for sale. PLEASE write and request permission for reproduction on the web or elsewhere. If you enjoy my work, let me know!     SUGGESTION: Click the first image; on the resulting page, select slide show button.

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