Spirit Body Process Light Painting by Peter H. Rosen

Your Love Will Shine Forever!
In a Spirit Body Process Photograph

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Taste the Magic of Maui
- Adventure Details

Happily Maui'ed

    Please note: all digital images are performed in front of the lens in a long time exposure. There is no post processing other than normal size reduction from the high resolution digital files and in some cases, dynamics enhancement. All my work is for sale. Please inquire about pricing.
  • "Day of Hope" Maui Runner's caught in the act - 11/04/06
  • Nothing beats Halloween in Lahaina - 10/31/06 - DNA
  • Apple releases Nano ad mimicing my work! Sept-Oct. 06 - DNA
  • Days later Maui Mud closes main road - 10/16/06
  • Black Snow of Maui - 10/12/06
  • Recorded at the Poetry Science Talks 09/14/06 in NYC - DNA
  • Fourth of July Experiments 2006 - DNA
  • DNA Images using LG8100 Cellphone rainbow LED as light source
  • The Angelica Gallery March 2006 (digital) - DNA

    From August 2005, As a result of the purchase of my first Digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XT 350, my work took on a whole different approach given the instant feedback. The galleries below are the result of working strictly on film, while those above were imaged with the Canon EOS Rebel 350 XT using a SIGMA Zoom lens.
    The images below mark the very first (experimental) phase of my work recorded on Film from June 1989 thru August 2005.
  • Spirit Body Performances and other Photographic experiments recorded on Film
  • Big Island Lava Spirits #4
  • DNA Spirit Body Portraits#3
  • DNA Spirit Body Gallery #2
  • Early Spirit Body Experiments
  • spirit body photo

    Imagine a photograph of you and your beloved glowing with love in a beautiful natural setting. A Spirit Body Process (an innovative technique of painting with light on film in a long time exposure) Photographic Portrait unites you and your beloved forever in a keepsake of Maui's most incredable natural beauty. An extraordinary work of art and performance. See some recent work.

    The adventure begins with an afternoon hike to a beautiful location. The process begins during the "Magic Time" at sunset by invoking the spirits and opening the shutter!

    An awakening ritual will call on the spirits of Pele and other Maui goddesses & gods to nurture, protect and serve you. When darkness arrives, Light Painter Peter Rosen will illuminate the scene and render your Spirit Body visible. The result: a mystical adventure featuring a magic moment, captured forever demonstrating the inextricable bond of your love with all of creation.

    You can view other Spirit Body Process examples at my introduction to Spirit Body Light Painting, or print out a portfolio by clicking on the pregnant Spirit Body Photo below. There are many options for reproduction sizes and forms, editorial photography, and other adventures. Please call or email to make arrangements and to price and/or design your own Spirit Body Adventure! The number is (808)875-4747. Call NOW for a quote or to purchase reproductions of my work!

    I have many other galleries and offer stock photography. I accept commissions and love to travel (all over the web and the world)! Let me know of your interest? I'll be glad to direct you to special galleries reserved for those with a discriminating eye for images!

    pregnant spirit photo