Digital  Portraiture
by Multimedia Artist Peter H. Rosen

I can easily be performing computer graphic magic and funny manipulations of your guests' images -- captured live, collaged and projected on a big screen! Innovative and Unique entertainment for your enjoyment at any event you can imagine (and some your can't)! I digitize, combine, blend and radically distort peoples images for humorous and suggestive amusement--at any event or location Internationally.

Inquire about bookings and Audio/Video/Music Production and Composition

Have you already enjoyed my multimedia performances? Prints from ANY event can be viewed and ordered from a private Online Event Gallery; specifically set up for ease of ordering reprints and for fundraising.

My tech team and I are available for unique and humorous visual entertainment at all sorts of events. We are offering referral fees if you (or anyone you know) would be kind enough to spread word of our serivces -- and land us some gigs! Our rates are very reasonable. We often donate our services.

We would appreciate hearing from you, especially, if you would like to hire my crew and I to entertain you and your group? Don't hesitate let me know if I can entertain you? If so, read the story below and/or call me with your thoughts!!!

Some people have swollen egos. Others have.....
well let's just say they have so much going for them
that they develop a rare condition the doctors still
haven't been able to figure out. -- Its almost as if the
patient is returning to the body proportions of
childhood!  I will let you in on a well protected secret...

[Digital Artists Peter Rosen with Friend]

The condition is caused by the abundance of Wisdom
acquired in a lifetime of experiences - as compared to
a child's abundant inquisitiveness! Show the image above
to your doctor. I hope he/she can get ahead in their
profession by recognizing the symptoms revealed?
...a fine example of this important new discovery --
demonstrating what age alone can never be judge of!
Someday, I hope to get ahead in life, just like my friend
pictured with me.

Have Fun!! Maximize your Life time enjoyment! -Peter-

Please also enjoy my Spirit Body Process Photography !

Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
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