Cool In The Shade
Words and Music by Peter H. Rosen and John "Windcloud" Montalvo
© 5-3-1999

Here is an early recording and ROUGH mix...

(recorded in June 1999)

But you really want to listen to THE LATEST MIX as performed by The Shiloh Bones Band
(as of Aug 2, 2001)

Imagine yourself on a tropical isle the scent of jasmine makes you smile
the sun so bright up in the sky, delights your senses  makes you high

so cool  so cool in the shade

you find yourself in paradise where the people of earth treat you oh so nice
we celebrate you with this song, inviting you to sing along

so cool  So Cool in the Shade , So Cool  well we really got it made

We're dancing on the edge of time,  moving to the rhythm  making up the rhyme
we do what we can for humanity, but only you can set you free

The older you get you're never out of school, are you still using the golden rule?
Always discovering who you're meant to be, riding waves of change so gracefully, so gratefully

Messengers of Love on spaceship earth, living love on the planet of our birth
destiny will surely have its way, unless you say what you have to say, SAY IT! BE IT!, FREE IT! Come on and let your love light shine.

So Cool...

You're older now you've been through hell, on a planet where people just sell sell sell,
to keep you from truly being free, they'll send you on a shopping spree

Now here you are with all that stuff, on a planet where we don't seem to love enough,  Content to be what you think is free, while so many cry out in misery

so cool well you think you got it made

Messangers of love on spaceship earth, dancing lights on the planet of our birth
Destiny will surely have its way... so come on, come on say what you have to say

Say it, be it, free it... Dance the night away

We've been at war for all these years, live cut short...filled with tears,   they say some things will never change, but no one counted on these days

 So Cool, So Cool In the Shade    We really have it made

The time has come to bring to an end, the world as we know it where we're not all friends
Are you helping to heal our world, for every loving boy and girl

We're on the verge of world liberty, Advancing the cause for humanity
We're balanced on the edge of time, dancing in (inventing) a new paradigm

So Cool...

Words and Music © 1999 by Peter H. Rosen     All Rights Reserved
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